Valid Three Letter Words in SOWPODS

If you want to improve your game, there's no better way than to familiarize yourself with all valid three-letter words. Many of these are in common usage, but a great number of them are rarely-used in everyday language, and known only to specialists, word-buffs and puzzle-addicts. Here we provide all playable 3-letter words in alphabetical order, along with their Wordtwist difficulty rating and a brief definition. If you'd like to learn more about a particular word, just click the underlined word to pull up alternate definitions, sample usage and pictures related to that term.

Select a letter to view all valid, three-letter words in SOWPODS (the dictionary we use on this site) which begin with that letter:

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SABUltra Rare(var. of SOB) to cry with a convulsive catching of the breath
SACCommon a pouchlike structure in an animal or plant
SADCommon(var. of UNHAPPY) happy
SAEWide so
SAGCommon to bend or sink downward from weight or pressure
SAIUltra Rare a monkey
SALRare salt
SAMUltra Rare(var. of GATHER) to bring together into one place or group
SANUltra Rare a sanatorium
SAPCommon to deplete or weaken gradually
SARUltra Rare(var. of SAVOUR) to savor
SATCommon(var. of SIT) to rest on the buttocks
SAUUltra Rare(var. of XU) a monetary unit of Vietnam
SAVUltra Rare(var. of SAVELOY) a highly seasoned sausage
SAWCommon to cut or divide with a saw (a type of cutting tool)
SAXWide(var. of SAXOPHONE)
SAYCommon(var. of UTTER) to give audible expression to
SAZUltra Rare a stringed instrument of the Middle East
SEACommon(var. of OCEAN) the vast body of salt water that covers most of the earth's surface
SECWide(var. of SECANT) a trigonometric function of an angle
SEDUltra Rare(var. of SAY) to utter
SEECommon to perceive with the eyes
SEGUltra Rare one who advocates racial segregation
SEIUltra Rare(var. of RORQUAL) a large whale
SELUltra Rare(var. of SELF) the total, essential, or particular being of one person
SENWide a monetary unit of Japan
SERWide a unit of weight of India
SETCommon to put in a particular position
SEWCommon to mend or fasten with a needle and thread
SEXCommon to determine the sex (the property by which organisms are classified according to reproductive functions) of
SEYUltra Rare a part carcase of beef
SEZUltra Rare(var. of SAY) to utter
SHAUltra Rare used to urge silence
SHECommon(var. of PERSON) a human being
SHHWide(var. of SH) used to urge silence
SHYCommon(var. of TIMID) lacking courage or self-confidence
SIBRare(var. of SIBLING) one having the same parents as another
SICCommon to urge to attack
SIFUltra Rare syphilitic; nasty
SIKWide excellent
SIMUltra Rare(var. of SIMULATION)
SINCommon to commit a sin (an offense against religious or moral law)
SIPCommon to drink in small quantities
SIRCommon a respectful form of address used to a man
SISWide sister
SITCommon to rest on the buttocks
SIXCommon a number
SKAWide a popular music of Jamaica
SKICommon to travel on skis (long, narrow strips of wood or metal)
SKYCommon to hit or throw toward the sky (the upper atmosphere)
SLYCommon(var. of CRAFTY) skillful in deceiving
SMAUltra Rare(var. of SMALL) of limited size or quantity
SNYUltra Rare a side channel of a river
SOBCommon to cry with a convulsive catching of the breath
SOCWide the right of holding a local court
SODCommon to cover with sod (turf)
SOGUltra Rare(var. of SOAK) to saturate thoroughly in liquid
SOHWide the fifth note of the scale
SOLWide the fifth tone of the diatonic musical scale
SOMRare a monetary unit of Kyrgyzstan
SONCommon(var. of CHILD) a young person
SOPCommon to dip or soak in a liquid
SOSUltra Rare(var. of SO) sol
SOTWide an habitual drunkard
SOUWide a former French coin
SOVUltra Rare sovereign
SOWCommon to scatter over land for growth, as seed
SOXCommon(var. of SOCK) a knitted or woven covering for the foot
SOYWide(var. of SOYBEAN) the seed of a cultivated Asian herb
SPACommon a mineral spring
SPYCommon to watch secretly
SRIRare mister; sir -- used as a Hindu title of respect
STYWide to keep in a pigpen
SUBCommon to act as a substitute
SUDWide froth of soapy water
SUECommon to institute legal proceedings against
SUIUltra Rare himself, herself, itself
SUKUltra Rare(var. of SOUK) a marketplace in northern Africa and the Middle East
SUMCommon to add into one total
SUNCommon to expose to the sun (the star around which the earth revolves)
SUPCommon to eat supper
SUQUltra Rare(var. of SOUK) a marketplace in northern Africa and the Middle East
SURUltra Rare above
SUSUltra Rare a suspect
SWYUltra Rare a game of two up
SYEUltra Rare(var. of STRAIN) to exert to the utmost
SYNWide(var. of SYNE) since
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