Valid Three Letter Words in SOWPODS

If you want to improve your game, there's no better way than to familiarize yourself with all valid three-letter words. Many of these are in common usage, but a great number of them are rarely-used in everyday language, and known only to specialists, word-buffs and puzzle-addicts. Here we provide all playable 3-letter words in alphabetical order, along with their Wordtwist difficulty rating and a brief definition. If you'd like to learn more about a particular word, just click the underlined word to pull up alternate definitions, sample usage and pictures related to that term.

Select a letter to view all valid, three-letter words in SOWPODS (the dictionary we use on this site) which begin with that letter:

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AAHWide to exclaim in amazement, joy, or surprise
AALUltra Rare an East Indian shrub
AASUltra Rare(var. of AA) rough, cindery lava
ABARare a sleeveless garment worn by Arabs
ABBRare a woof yarn
ABOUltra Rare an aborigine
ABSWide(var. of AB) an abdominal muscle
ABYRare to pay the penalty for
ACECommon to score a point against in a single stroke
ACHUltra Rare(var. of OCH) expressing impatience
ACTCommon to do something
ADDCommon to combine or join so as to bring about an increase
ADOCommon bustling excitement
ADSCommon(var. of AD) an advertisement
ADZWide to shape (wood) with an adz (a cutting tool)
AFFWide off
AFTWide toward the stern
AGARare a high-ranking Turkish military officer
AGECommon to grow old
AGOCommon in the past
AGSUltra Rare(var. of AG) agriculture
AHAWide used to express surprise, triumph, or derision
AHIUltra Rare a marine food fish
AHSUltra Rare(var. of AH) aah
AIAUltra Rare(var. of AYAH) a native maid or nurse in India
AIDCommon(var. of HELP) to give assistance to
AILCommon to cause pain or discomfort to
AIMCommon to direct toward a specified object or goal
AINRare(var. of AYIN) a Hebrew letter
AIRCommon(var. of EARLY) near the beginning of a period of time or a series of events
AISUltra Rare(var. of AI) a three-toed sloth
AITRare a small island
AKAWide a New Zealand vine
AKEUltra Rare(var. of ACHE) to suffer a dull, continuous pain
ALARare a wing or winglike part
ALBWide a long-sleeved vestment
ALECommon an alcoholic beverage
ALFUltra Rare an uncultivated Australian
ALLCommon everything that one has
ALPWide a high mountain
ALSUltra Rare(var. of AL) an East Indian tree
ALTWide a high-pitched musical note
AMAUltra Rare(var. of AMAH) an Oriental nurse
AMIRare a friend
AMPCommon(var. of AMPLIFY) to make larger or more powerful
AMURare a unit of mass
ANARare a collection of miscellaneous information about a particular subject
ANDCommon an added condition or stipulation
ANERare(var. of ONE) a number
ANICommon a tropical American bird
ANNWide a stipend paid to a parish minister's next of kin
ANTCommon a small insect
ANYCommon one, no matter which
APECommon(var. of MIMIC) to imitate closely
APOWide(var. of PROTEIN) a nitrogenous organic compound
APPWide a computer program for a major task
APTCommon(var. of SUITABLE) appropriate
ARBRare a type of stock trader
ARCCommon to move in a curved course
ARDUltra Rare a primitive plough
ARECommon a unit of surface measure
ARFUltra Rare a barking sound
ARKCommon a large boat
ARMCommon to supply with weapons
ARSUltra Rare(var. of AR) the letter R
ARTCommon an esthetically pleasing and meaningful arrangement of elements
ARYUltra Rare(var. of ANY) one, no matter which
ASHCommon to convert into ash (the residue of a substance that has been burned)
ASKCommon to put a question to
ASPWide a venomous snake
ASSCommon a hoofed mammal
ATECommon blind impulse or reckless ambition that drives one to ruin
ATTWide a monetary unit of Laos
AUAWide the yellow-eye mullet
AUEWide an exclamation of pain, distress or astonishment
AUFUltra Rare an elf's child
AUKWide a diving seabird
AVAUltra Rare at all
AVEWide an expression of greeting or farewell
AVORare a monetary unit of Macao
AWAUltra Rare(var. of AWAY) from a certain place
AWECommon to inspire with awe (reverential fear)
AWLWide a pointed tool for making small holes
AWNWide a bristlelike appendage of certain grasses
AXECommon(var. of AX) to work on with an ax (a type of cutting tool)
AYECommon an affirmative vote
AYSCommon(var. of AY) aye
AYUUltra Rare a small fish
AZORare containing nitrogen
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